What is the basic idea behind a co-working office space?

A co-working or shared office space allows you to rent working spaces based on employee headcount. Essentially, you work in a shared space, alongside workers from other companies and domains. For example, an IT professional might have a work desk next to a culinary blogger in a co-working office space.

Advantages of a co-working office space

There are several benefits to having a co-working office space in Bangalore:

  • The small-period lease options are extremely flexible
  • You get access to flexible seating and accommodation options
  • There is a significant reduction in renting costs
  • You can opt for a shared office situated close to your residence, thereby reducing the time spent on transportation.
  • Full-range of amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, private working cubicles, food vending machines already available
  • You can interact with professionals from different domains and expand your network

Disadvantages of a co-working office space

However, shared office spaces also come with a few cons of their own:

  • Working next to people from different professions might be distracting and chaotic
  • No customization is available for your personal workspace
  • There is a possibility of working in close proximity with your competitors, causing opportunities for work plagiarism and poaching.

Thus, it is important to evaluate your needs to zero in on the perfect co-working office space for your organization. Well-chosen shared office spaces can work wonders in increasing productivity in the long run.