Below are the two key considerations options for employers looking to explore a hybrid model:

A – Office space has its own advantages

Working from home has its own challenges like productivity and works efficiency. Office space will continue to hold its importance, in most instances as the optimal working environment. Where work from home is not the perfect and permanent solution for a working professional.

B – Offices will always be treated to achieve collective goals 

The office environment has its own discipline, rules, and culture and serves as a social hub where employees connect themselves as a team to achieve common goals and purposes which can not be achieved while working from home.

Employees across all over India have transitioned to work from home, but they are experiencing the lack of interaction and now crave for the office environment’s cultural and human experience. It seems that work from home is a temporary phase and the concept of coworking office space will work as an emerging work model as businesses have to save infrastructure cost and need more flexible work arrangements in the future.

Work from home has offered many employees to enjoy greater flexibility and control on their personal and professional lives. Home offices, co-working places, satellite offices and the office headquarter will all have to co-exist – leading to a truly hybrid office model.

In a nut-shell, Offices will continue to play a central role in defining company culture, creating a shared purpose, and meeting employee needs for personal and professional fulfillment.