Reality is often disappointing. However , with the advent of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the very idea of working in an office environment is going to change. It will no longer be a structured office space having the physical presence of people. One might be sitting in a very different environment altogether and be present along with others for a conference or a meeting. The very idea of video conferencing will therefore go for a toss. The immersive world that AR and VR creates will be a thing of the future workspaces which will automatically enhance the concept of co-working work spaces or shared office space in Bangalore.

Why Virtual Reality? 



          Augmented Reality helps put on layers of digital components over the real world and allows one to interact with the components , whereas Virtual Reality creates a whole world where one can be a component in himself., giving him or her an immersive experience.

Shared spaces with Virtual Reality 

Imagine having not to work from home anymore ? Fun right? Virtual Reality with the help of Augmented Reality can create your workspaces anywhere on the go.

                   Although the technology is relatively new , it has reached its tipping point. Co-working and shared office spaces in Bangalore would thus be further enhanced.


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