What does the future hold for shared offices spaces

shared office space

Shared office spaces have become the go-to option for a lot of professionals these days. Companies are increasingly adopting this practice for logistic advantages. Today, you are very likely to find more than one highly-functional co-working center in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities. The opportunity of working in a highly dynamic environment makes the concept of shared […]

Virtual Reality and it’s impact on Shared Office spaces in Bangalore

Shared office space in Bangalore

Reality is often disappointing. However , with the advent of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the very idea of working in an office environment is going to change. It will no longer be a structured office space having the physical presence of people. One might be sitting in a very different environment altogether and be […]

Shared Office Spaces: The New In-Thing

shared office space

In an increasingly shrinking world, especially when it comes to real estate, the concept of shared office space is feasible, affordable and fun. This concept has been prevalent in western countries and is slowly gaining prominence in India. Not convinced? Let us see if we can change that!  How does a shared office space benefit […]

Steps to choosing an office space in Bangalore

Coworking space in sarjapur road

Working in an office can become extremely tiresome. Furthermore, for those who are starting their start-up, looking for the most desirable place to start and establish their business could become a huge problem. The answer to such problems is that your problems will be gone if you decide to choose co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are […]