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Living Room

Transforming a living area into a mesmerizing space is no longer a pipe-dream when you have the best interior designers and home decorators on board.

Living room being an integral space in your home, it  should exude a welcoming aura.

We enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and increase the functionality of your space by creating bespoke & chic designs that are crafted specifically to meet your individual preferences.

Bedroom Design

Bedrooms are a relaxing place where we all retire after a tedious day. The main factor while designing a space is personalization. It is challenging to design bedroom interiors that are stylish yet functional. While planning out a designing process for a room it should resonate with the other spaces in your home in order to create a consistent look. The theme of the room should be the same but not everything needs to be perfectly coordinated. You can consider decor items in order to make stylish design additions to your space. If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom interior design, our interior designers have the expertise to transform it into a peaceful retreat.
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Dining Room

Each part of a house brings with it, it’s own unique features,  the dining room is no exception. Dining Area is the ultimate gathering spot for families and is the heart of the house. 

By incorporating sophisticated styles, our interior designers have the skill and expertise to accentuate the beauty of your dining space.

We can transform your dining area into multi-functional space with our unique dining interior design ideas.

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Restaurant & Cafe

We focus on creating excellent designs that are foundations of success for cafes and restaurants, helping restaurenters scale their business to the next level.

We have transformed places into a perfect oasis for people to come and have a good time, which includes striking the balance between aesthetic aspects such as lighting, colure design, sound and functional aspects such as heating & cooling, ventilation placement, material design, exterior space design and layout design.

Office Space

Modern office designs are much more than mere workplaces. Structuring an office according to brand identity is the key to attracting clients and keeping your employees happy.

We create beautifully crafted office spaces integrated sustainability and functionally boosted designs that sweep customers off the floor.

When it comes to commercial spaces, our core focus lies in bringing out the brand identity in a way that creates the perfect ambience to conduct business.

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Club House

When it comes to club houses, our goal is to create a space that is optimum to use and carry out activities that create the perfect ambience.

From advice on flooring & lighting, to choice of colour, design layout and placement planning, we illustrate every detail so as to create a practical-to-use facility that creates a lasting impression. 

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Deloite studios has a wealthy experience in producing a mix of facilities for gyms that house the latest and state-of-the-art equipment. We work with you from scratch- from design, colours, upholstery specifications and equipment, to help you build a fully integrated fitness and lifestyle space that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

The wellness revolution is happening. And we know that it is being driven by an emerging global middle class who wish to improve the quality of their lives; younger generations looking for healthier lifestyles; and a growing consumer interest in health and wellbeing. Because of this, we are committed to working with our clients to create world leading ‘wellness temples’. Centres that provide wellness facilities with clinical treatments and help people to improve their health and extend their longevity. Our hope is to extend the lives of every customer by five years. Or more. With over 30 years’ experience of designing superior quality spas for the luxury hotel and wellness sectors, we can help you to create the top wellness and medical tourism destination for your region


We have, over the years, delivered superior quality & luxurious spa designs, helping our clients give a unique experience to their clients. With the growing interest in lifestyle prevalent across the world, it is all the more important for businesses to accentuate their spa designs. 

We have successfully delivered bespoke designs for the aforementioned sector, that matches in perfect harmony with the overall outlook of the space.

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Looking for kitchen interior design ideas? If yes, then your search ends here. We have all the ingredients to make your kitchen interior look crisp and spicy. Deolite Studio is well acquainted with the latest technological advances and has the expertise in designing kitchen interiors that stand out.

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